The Functional of TipTop

TipTop is the ultimate multi-function case for users seeking to maximize the iPad Air’s functionality.

The Slimmest of TipTop

It's by far the slimmest case you've ever had for the iPad Air.

The Stylish of TipTop

It features a unique design that props the tablet in six distinct angles, and is lined with faux micro fiber interior to increase comfort.


The Tiptop is the ultimate multi-function case for users seeking to maximize the iPad Air’s functionality. It features a unique design that props the tablet in six distinct angles.

Mac Observer

The Tiptop iPad Air Case from Acase is moderately lightweight and attractive. It includes both a hard, polycarbonate back and an attached smart cover. The case, which weighs 8.1 oz (230 g), has been designed specifically for the iPad Air, resulting in a perfect fit for all the openings.

App Advice

A perfect example of an iPad Air case that won’t weigh you down, the Tiptop from Acase weighs a mere 6 ounces and is only ¼ inch thick. The design allows users to prop the iPad into six distinct angles.

Your Tech Report

Keeping your case light and thin has always been a priority to those of use who carry around a lot of tech gear; with a heavy case, your gear can quickly turn from a luxury to a cumbersome burden. Thankfully, the people over at Acase have taken our thoughts to heart and created two cases that won’t add extra heft to your new iPad Air.


The Tiptop can prop the tablet in six distinct angles. Made of premium leather, and featured magnetic cover that automatically turns the iPad on or off.

App Daily Report

The Tiptop (pictured) multi-functional case is for users seeking to maximize the iPad Air’s functionality. It features a design that props the tablet in six angles.

Stylish, functional and provides protection for your device, December 3, 2013

By Charles Ashbacher

Amazon Verified Purchase

This case is thin, yet sturdy, the side where the iPad resides has a hard plastic back underneath the leather and the other side has a softer, more flexible interior. I banged on both of the sides and it is clear that they could take a significant blow before either would puncture. The hard plastic side that holds the iPad has a raised edge that not only holds the iPad in place but would also provide protection against pressure being exerted across the entire case.
The exterior is stylish black leather; all professionals would be comfortable pulling it out of a bag during a meeting. The soft side folds in to form a stand that will hold the iPad at approximately a thirty-degree angle from the horizontal for easier viewing. Functional and stylish, this is a case for your iPad that will protect it while you project an appearance of professionalism.

Great slim smart case,  December 2, 2013

By Awkward Hamster

I'm quite impressed with this case. It's by far the thinnest case I've ever had for the iPad aside from Apple's own smart cover.

-multiple positions

-Haven't found a con

Excellent quality and professional looking!, December 7, 2013

By jjceo (jjceo@comcast . net)

This is an excellent quality case. The cover is made of nicely finished leather and the stitching is professionally done. The interior of the cover has a nice soft microfiber coating to protect your iPad Air screen from scratches.

Inside of the case you have a tough polycarbonate molded case that your iPad quickly snaps into. All of the ports, jacks and controls are cutout in the case and they are easy to use and get to. The edge of the plastic case has an extended edge that I show in my video. It fits into the small groves in the inner cover to allow you to use the case as a nice viewing stand.

I really like that the cover also has built in magnets that put your iPad to sleep and wake it up when the cover is opened or closed. They also help to hold the cover closed and protect the screen when you are carrying it. The front lip of the cover has a little tab that extends out from the cover to allow you to easily open the case. This is a professional looking case that is very functional and lightweight. The quality of this case is very nice and I rated it at 5 stars.

I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.

Lightweight, minimally tough, tight, svelte and black grained leather, December 10, 2013

By I Do The Speed Limit

I like a case to be lightweight, tight, classy and leather. Sounds a bit decadent, doesn't it? Well, it's not: I just need it svelte and I want it minimal and I need it to work--with some finesse, of course.

This case meets all my requirements. The iPad fits tightly into the back casing, which is a hard, thin, lightweight black plastic. There is a slight lip--just the slightest of overhangs--to hold the device in place, but it works. The inside cover is the softest and smoothest suede-type material in a buff color. The cover itself is a grained black leather with stitching in a contrasting buff color. The logo is actually classy-looking and embossed (non-descriptively) in the right lower corner. The leather front carries over to the back and is securely fastened to the back plastic.

The cover bends back and folds into the back to create a decently supportive stand: There is a tiny bit of give, but really, how much pressure do you need to put on this device? Not much.

All the holes are aligned correctly and are in the right places. (You should be fine working in the dark.) The device is held firmly in place. What more do you need? Hey, if you are going to take this on a bumpy ride, trade it out for something tougher, but for everyday use, this supports the device at the same time it accents it. What I'm saying: It's complimentary.

I like it lots better than the MarBlue Ultra Lightweight origin case that I got for my new Kindle HDX 8.9". I wish they made one of these cases for it. But I think this company, and its designers, and its founder, are pretty keen on their "i" stuff.

*I received a sample product from Acase. In the future, if I needed to buy a case, I would check out Acase to see if they had one to fit.

Sturdy case,December 2, 2013

By rpv

Love this case. It is pretty good and the stitches are sturdy. The material and the finish definitely will protect the iPAD. For the price, this is a great deal. Has many orientations for watching video as well. Easy to handhold. Recommend!